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  • How do I get my money from the customers?
    Visma will not provide neither licensing not invoicing services for partners, so each partner have to implement their own license and user seat management, as well own invoicing processes. Also, as a partner you may choose your own business and revenue model including customer pricing.
  • I definitively want to become member of the ISV Partner programs. How should I start?
    First, review carefully these ISV Program pages. If you find your organisation meets the requirements and you want to invest your own resources for it you can apply for the program. To join the Program, you must submit a complete program application through our programs site, accept and undersign the applicable agreements (ie Terms and Conditions). Once application is submitted, a Visma Solutions representative will be in touch with you to discuss about the program.
  • How will I be connected with potential customers?
    For new customers there is a product specific site, a Market Place, which can also be used for marketing your integration services and value-added features. For existing customer our Community is a perfect tool for direct contacting, and also communicating them about your product releases, new features etc. Of course our sales and customer service will inform customers about available “external” features, if they see customers might benefit from them or if they identify problems to be solved, and share a lead to you.
  • Is there any cost to becoming an ISV Partner?
    There is no cost in joining our programs as an ISV Partner and there are no participation, annual or transaction fees in the Partner level. For Premium partner level a joint business model including possible cost and revenue sharing will be negotiated.
  • How do I get technical support about the API’s?
    Technical core of the programs are the API’s meaning programmatic Web Service and REST API’s and associated tools like coding examples and other documentation Visma Solutions makes available. All these materials are available in our support portal. Partners have also access to integration support team and webinars.
  • If customer encounters problems or even bugs with my solution how we should solve them?
    Process and responsibilities follow a logical “process of elimination” ie first step is to isolate whether error has occurred in our core system or in Partner’s offering. After that the party responsible for the feature will start corrective actions ie bug fixing and correcting the data if it is corrupted nand communicate the situation to the end customer
  • Can I also start selling Visma’s products?
    Not immediately and automatically, selling requires a separate reselling or referral partner agreement with Visma Solutions as described here.
  • Are there different types of Visma Solutions’ partnerships?
    Yes, there are two different sub-programs:
    • For development partners ie software vendors with value-added business tools, mobile applications, cloud solutions, and off-the-shelf connectors for Netvisor, Severa, Maventa and Navita solutions and external 3rd party products.
    • For integration partners ie system integrators and other service providers, who work on project basis and help our customers for example in building customer-specific integrations or even features.
    There also two levels for the partnership
    • An ISV, who has been accepted into Program and has implemented a commercially available value-added business tool, cloud solution, mobile app, productized integration with any of our products or who is technically competent to implement software development or data processing services for our customers, partners or us will be labeled as Partner.
    • An ISV, who has passed the certification process and defined in details in the Programs www-site will be labeled as Premium Partner.
  • Are there limitation with the partnership?
    Yes there are some limitations. You can review the exact Terms & Conditions from here

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