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Expense and time tracking for projects

Easily record hours for invoicing and project profitability monitoring.


Serves both the company and the employee

Severa makes it easy to record hours and allocate expenses to projects. The working hours and expenses are always available for use in project reporting.

Time tracking

In Visma Severa, the hours are recorded using the same system in which the employees’ projects and tasks are located. Research has shown that this way, the employees record their hours more frequently and accurately. At the same time, the working hours recorded can be used in real time for invoicing and project profitability monitoring.



You can freely choose whether you use the daily or weekly view to record your working hours. You can also record your hours on the basis of calendar activities or by timing your tasks.



Visma Severa can be used to monitor the flexitime situation of employees and to have their working hours approved by the supervisor before invoicing, for example.



All working hours recorded can be directly invoiced on the basis of the project’s invoicing information. The hourly rate can be specified by type of work, phase or personal hourly rate.


Project expense tracking

Visma Severa uses real-time hour information to monitor the profitability of the project. In addition, the system can be used to monitor other expenses allocated to the project and employee travel expenses and to invoice these automatically to the customer.

Purchases allocated to the project
Subcontracting costs or other purchases may have a significant effect on the profitability of the project. Due to this, we recommend that all expenses are entered for project monitoring. In addition, the expenses can be automatically invoiced to the customer at the agreed price.

Employees’ travel expenses
The work of specialists may include customer and site visits. With Visma Severa, employees can easily record their travel, and these can be used to compile the company’s internal travel expenses statement.

Overtime, flexitime and absences

Working hours recorded in Visma Severa can be used for the needs of HR and payroll administration. At the same time, we take care of statutory time tracking.


Overtime and absences
The company can specify the overtime factors to be used for the reporting and invoicing of working hours. Absences, such as holidays and sick leaves, are entered directly in the calendar.

Flexitime calculation
Visma Severa’s advanced working hour management helps monitor the flexitime situation of employees. The information is also easily available to the employees.

Hour reports for payroll administration
The compilation reports present the working hours and absences recorded for the selected period as lists and tables. The information can be saved in Excel for payroll calculation.

Optional functionalities for time and expense tracking

Severa mobile
Hour records, customer information and project KPIs – easily on your mobile device.

Advanced working hour management
Flexitime management and hour approval process for purposes like invoicing.

Travel expenses statement tool
Creates and reports travel expenses statements, per diems and expenses.

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