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The open interface (API) opens up opportunities

Visma Severa gives partners the opportunity to integrate other products into Severa or build customised applications. The open interface can also be utilised in company- and field-specific applications, so that the customer or partner can build its own applications as part of Visma Severa. The Severa API has been utilised in the following integrations, for example:

Severa API in a nutshell

The Severa API is a web service interface that allows for integrations to be built between Visma Severa and various applications.

The API can be used, for example, for retrieving data from Severa to another application or vice versa.

The use of the interface is not directly visible to end users. It works by integrating various applications with each other so that the end user only needs to enter or search for information in one application.



Integrate and customise

You can utilise the Severa API for the following integrations, for example:

  • ERP and accounting
  • CRM
  • Payroll and HR
  • Ticketing system
  • Invoice forwarding services
  • Mobile use

You can also use the Severa API to integrate company- and field-specific applications, such as working hour forms, shift systems or various desktop applications.

Check compatibility

Before implementing the integrations, you should confirm with your company’s software designers that the Severa API meets your requirements.

The links below provide detailed information on what the Severa API has to offer. You can also contact a Severa product specialist if necessary.

API in the Severa wiki
Product developers’ portal


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