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Project resource and workload management

A professional services automation system that incorporates specialists, projects and sales into one system.


Improve the utilisation rate

The Visma Severa resource management feature helps you allocate the working hours of designers and engineers as efficiently as possible. Preliminary resource management can be carried out in the project sales phase.

A tool for resource management

The key resource of a professional services firm is its personnel. Optimising the way that the employees use their time is one of the management’s most important tasks. Visma Severa helps project managers schedule and resource projects and monitor the profitability and invoicing rates.



View the availability and current workload of human resources by role, competence area or team.



If necessary, specialists can be fixed to projects on a phase-specific basis. You can also see the person’s overall workload for the period.



Workloads is carried out based on either hours or percentages depending on the company’s number of projects, duration of tasks and management culture.


Resource utilisation rate

The utilisation rate of professionals is an indication of many things, so monitoring it in sufficient depth helps maintain a reliable project delivery process and sufficient cash flow.

Sales and resources
The resources can be reserved as early as during the sales process. This way, you can predict workload development more accurately.

Recruitment and partners
Use Visma Severa to predict situations in which you need more employees or partners to provide a service.

Utilisation rate and economy
With utilisation rate forecasts, the management can better understand the significance of the utilisation rate for the company’s cash flow, sales and profitability.

The employees’s own resource management

The purpose of resource management in Visma Severa is to provide a sufficiently good overview of the projects in which the employee’s working hours are to be efficiently spent during the next few weeks.


The employee’s view
The employee can see his/her own ongoing projects and planned workload. At the same time, he/she can provide the project managers with feedback on the daily challenges or opportunities in relation to the planned use of time.

Do not micromanage
Since employees can view their own resource management utilisation rate in relation to the ongoing projects and their deadlines, unnecessary micromanagement is not needed. Trust people with the responsibility of managing their own duties.

Optional services for resource management

Advanced resource management
View the available resources by person, competence area or unit. Reserve the right human resources and specify how much of their working hours (percentage or number of hours) the persons should allocate to various projects.

Graphical reports
With this add-on, you can generate graphical reports concerning sales, sales forecasts, turnover and invoicing.

Turnover allocation
Allocate the turnover from longer projects based on the actual amount of work and degree of completion.

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