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Real-time reporting

Information about project sales, resource utilisation rate and project profitability is always available!


Run your company based on data

Visma Severa compiles all information relating to project-based business in real time. This helps you see the big picture and saves time spent on building reports.

Efficient reporting

Visma Severa’s report gallery includes dozens of ready-made reports that support the leadership of professional services firms. The reports are always up-to-date without any manual work spent on compiling them. In addition, the information in the reports can be exported to spreadsheet software for further processing as necessary.



The solution provides reports on customer-specific invoicing and profitability as well as sales reports by service, sales person or sales phase. Sales forecasts help predict upcoming resource needs and invoicing volumes.



Visma Visma Severa’s project reporting offers comprehensive information about project schedules, the realisation of working hour budgets and project profitability. In addition, the users may create their own key performance indicators to assess efficiency.



Visma Severa combines project management and time and expense tracking with invoicing. This enables diverse reporting from the viewpoints of financial management and the company management.


Editable reports

All users may use Visma Severa’s ready-made reports according to their access rights or create new reports that best support their success in their work. Reports may also be shared and specified for various user groups by default.

Create reports
Create reports using the Visma Severa report generator. Select the subject (projects, hour records, invoices, etc.) and add the criteria and definitions for how you want to review the information.

Reports on your dashboard
You can save the desired number of reports and set them as your favourites. In addition, on your personal dashboard, you can create a gallery of reports that you want to view almost daily.

Sharing reports
Users may share useful reports to other employees of the company. In addition, you can specify ready-made reports for each user group and create predetermined desktop views to facilitate use.

Report styles to choose from

Visma Severa offers a wide variety of report styles for various purposes. Graphical reports work best in some cases, such as sales pipeline analysis or monitoring of the utilisation rate of resources. Sometimes numerical reports in table format or matrix reports offer the best support for the business.


Graphical reports
Review the development of sales or resource workloads on different time spans. Create criteria for the information you want to see. For example, sales by person or resource utilisation rate by unit or team.

List reports
List reports help understand and sort large amounts of information. For example, who are the most profitable customers and what is their invoicing and sales margin. You can select the information according to which the report is sorted, such as invoicing volume or profitability.

Matrix reports
If you want to compare information between different periods of time, the easiest way for this is to use matrix reports. Typical cases may include, for example, comparing hour records to the budgeted amount of work or comparing realised invoicing to work that has not yet been invoiced.


Advanced reporting and KPIs
Create your own key performance indicators (KPI) to monitor the success of sales and customer service. Thanks to the advanced reporting features, you can, for example, monitor and assess the development of key customer accounts or the invoicing of a certain team on a monthly basis.

Graphical reports
With this add-on, you can generate graphical reports concerning sales, sales forecasts, turnover and invoicing

Turnover allocation
Allocate the turnover from longer projects based on the actual amount of work and degree of completion.

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Yes, I am aware that Visma will process my personal data as part of responding to my request. Read more about how Visma process your personal data here