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Visma Severa: Pricing

The total price is based on the amount of users and the selected version.

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The essential basics from sales to invoicing for small companies

25 / month
Price / User 25


  • CRM & Sales case management
  • Project management
  • Work hour entries
  • Invoicing: print, e-mail, e-invoice
  • Calendar & sales tasks
  • Mobile app (iOS & Android)
  • Reporting
  • Google Authentication
  • 5 GB disk space

Recommended minimum training 2 hours. Training needs will be agreed with your local Visma Severa representatives.



Extensive and holistic management for bigger SMBs

59 / month
Price / User 25

Premium +

  • Revenue recognition
  • Audit trail
  • Multicurrency
  • Advanced pricing
  • Single sign-on
  • Advanced security (IP)
  • Testing sandbox
  • 20GB disk space

Training needs will be agreed with your local Visma Severa representatives.




All prices are VAT 0%

You can add or remove features in the Severa settings.

The price of all versions includes

24/7 availability

Mobile application – Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Updates and maintenance

Visma Solutions

E-mail support and
support portals

Visma Severa


Implementation and training services

We provide training online, on the customer’s premises and in group sessions. We offer support to the company’s administrator and end users alike. In addition to training services, we offer extensive support and instruction materials.

Frequently asked questions


  • Is the trial free of charge?
    The trial lasts 30 days and is completely free of charge. To start the trial, you just need to provide your contact information – no credit card or invoicing information is needed. At the end of the trial period, you can make your decision and sign the agreement.
  • What happens if I do not want to continue after the trial?
    You do not need to do anything – the trial will end automatically. Stopping the trial does not require any notifications, and you can rest assured that there will be no invoice.
  • Where can I get instructions to support the trial?
    You can get the best answers and personal guidance directly from our product specialists, who will help you get acquainted with the system and specify the business requirements. In addition, you can view instructional videos and webinars in the Academy section of our website.
  • How does the trial environment differ from the real environment?
    The trial environment has a wide variety of optional services available for testing as well as ready-made role-specific desktop views. You can move directly from the trial environment to the full version when you purchase it, in which case the information you entered during the trial period will be restored. Alternatively, the paid use of Visma Severa can be started in a new environment that is configured during the implementation to meet the company’s needs.


  • How do I know which implementation model suits our exact needs and how much it costs?
    The scope of the implementation, along with the time to be spent, is specified together with the customer. The price depends on the scope of use and number of users. More information about the pricing of the implementation can be found in this brochure.
  • Why does the implementation cost money?
    The implementation is carried out by our training specialists, which ensures customer satisfaction and the most efficient use of the system. The implementation is not just about training people – it also includes going through the company’s processes and modelling its business in Visma Severa.
  • How can I export the information from our current system to Visma Severa?
    You can export the customer information directly as a CSV file. As regards other information, our product specialists will go through any needs to transfer information, and these will be agreed separately in connection with the implementation.
  • How do you ensure that the implementation will be successful?
    Our trainers are specialists experienced in the business and training of hundreds of specialist companies. After each training session, we ask the customer to assess the success of the training. We use this information to develop our operations. From the customer, successful implementation requires the management’s commitment, the appointment of an administrator and sufficient time and input from key personnel.


  • Is user support available in Finnish and is the customer service located in Finland?
    Our customer service is located in Lappeenranta, Finland, and provides service in Finnish and English.
  • Is the support included in the monthly fee?
    Telephone support costs €1.98 per minute. E-mail support is free of charge to our customers. In addition, you will have access to the Visma Solutions Community and the Support Portal, which provide a large number of instructions and tips for use. The only form of support that is subject to a charge is telephone support, and the only cost charged for it is the call charge. In other words, you will not pay separately for the time that the person serving you spends on examining the matter and finding the solution.
  • Are there different language versions of Visma Severa?
    Each user can select the language that he/she wants to use in the environment. The languages available are Finnish, English, Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch. In addition, invoices can be sent in dozens of different languages.
  • Do we need to contact the customer service if our usage needs change?
    Since this is a cloud service, each company can add new users or remove users itself. In addition, changes in the business, such as new services and locations, can be added via the Visma Severa settings, which are managed by the company’s administrator. If necessary, our customer support will help you with the changes.

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Yes, I am aware that Visma will process my personal data as part of responding to my request. Read more about how Visma process your personal data here