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ContractZen – Contract management

ContractZen- Easy, effective and safe way to manage your contracts.

ContractZen’s mission is to unleash the true value of companies of all sizes across the globe by helping them to resolve their governance and contract hassle with our innovative cloud service. They thrive to make the work of executive, legal and administrative personnel easier, more productive and less stressful. Be due diligence ready every day!

Import files fast and easy
ContractZen makes storing documents easier than ever. If the document is in email, all you need to do is forward the email to ContractZen. You can also drag and drop multiple files simultaneously into the system. We make it extremely easy to add tags, crucial dates and counterparties to your contracts in order to turn them into intelligent documents that will drive your business.

Find documents quickly
With easy-to use and modern search engine you will find what you are looking for easily. You can also limit your search to certain precise fields with just a few clicks. Store the search into your own tool.

Remember important dates
ContractZen brings your contracts alive. You can set automated email-reminders to all the people in your team. Never miss an important date again! Contract Calendar -page shows you what’s going on in your contract database and the Contract Timeline keeps you up to date on contract history.

Unique features like Meeting management and Company register:
Send invites to the meeting, share the meeting agenda and other materials securely and follow the follow the progress of projects, cases or initiatives with easy to use tags.
Find and share contracts and legal documents with one click and keep the subsidiary information up-to-date

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