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“With Severa, we can ensure that our projects remain profitable.”

Petter Byholm, Sales Director, Kulttuuritehdas Korjaamo

Make project management clearer and invoicing
more efficient

Visma Severa has customers operating in dozens of different fields. A common feature among our customers is the need to record working hours or work performed more easily, invoice more accurately and quickly and gain a better overall view of their business operations.



Create a single location for all information relating to customers. Develop the monitoring and management of sales and analyse what customer relationships and services give you the best results.



An easy way to record working hours and travel expenses, work performed and other expenses for customer jobs. Thanks to the automated invoicing, you can rest assured that everything will be invoiced. In Visma Severa, you can manage projects with their schedules and task lists.



Create your own reports and benchmarks for profitability, customer relationships and projects. Sales reports, workload reports and invoicing reports help you manage your business.

A tool for internal and customer projects

With Visma Severa, new projects can be created quickly, in less than a minute. The projects can be phased as sub-projects and be allocated phase-specific work amount budgets. With the help of workload reports, you can resource the available persons for projects and share their task lists and schedules. You can use the same system for both multiple-year projects and short assignments.

  • Quick creation of projects
  • Project division into parts and Gantt charts
  • Resource planning and measurement
  • Flexible project pricing: internal projects, projects with a fixed price and projects based on working hours/expenses
  • Maintenance work and recurring charges
  • Project turnover and invoicing forecasts
  • Real-time profitability monitoring


Manage projects from sales to invoicing

Visma Severa offers all essential information in real time:

  • Sales pipeline by service and salesperson
  • Resource workloads for planned and ongoing projects
  • Turnover and invoicing forecasts
  • Project progress vs. budget
  • Profitability of units, customers and projects

Personally customisable and easy to use

Every user sees the most essential tools and reports on the product’s front page. For example, the sales director sees the sales pipeline, call list and calendar. The project manager sees the overview, schedules and resources of his/her own projects. The project employee’s front page shows the working hours form and task list.

Other examples of usability:

  • Quick search for information, works like Apple Spotlight
  • Most frequently used reports, customers and projects are just one click away
  • Working hours can be recorded on the front page either by using the working hours form or by timing
  • The team calendar and job list are always visible


Invoice with a few clicks

Visma Severa helps you ensure that all work will be invoiced. The invoicing tool automatically collects all invoicing materials from the projects, time tracking, expenses and price lists. Invoicing can also be made to occur repeatedly and by timer. The actual invoice and its attachments can be created at the click of a button.

You can send both electronic and paper invoices. The invoice is sent from the system directly to the end customer. If the customer cannot accept an electronic invoice, a paper version will be sent.


Dozens of add-ons and integrations with other systems have been created for Visma Severa. Customers can also integrate their own products with Visma Severa using the open web service API.

A few examples of the applications:

  • Financial management systems like Visma Business, Netvisor and SAP
  • Ticketing systems like Jira and Bugzilla
  • Electronic and paper invoice forwarding services like Maventa and Norfello
  • Various CRM systems like and Microsoft
  • Document management systems like Google Docs and M-Files

“What I like the most is using the activities. With them, all the necessary information can be shown under the customer to the entire team.”
Ulla Suotunen, Office Secretary
VMP interior



“Thanks to Severa, we have reached a new level in the monitoring of sales and profitability. We receive information about what is going to be on the bottom line even before we expect it. ”
Mari Hjelt, Deputy Managing Director
Gaia Group



“Thanks to Severa, our working hour and travel expense records have become consistent. In addition, our operations have been boosted by the more accurate monitoring and reporting and the quicker invoicing.”
Niina Lehmus, Principal Consultant



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