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“Visma Severa is an excellent match for our needs.”

Sami Horto, CEO, Arkkitehdit Soini & Horto Oy

Complete your projects within the schedule and budget

Visma Severa is currently being used by more than 180 Finnish architect and engineering firms.



Base your new proposals and pricing on the profitability and workload estimates of earlier projects. Analyse what kinds of projects you should focus on. Review the total value of the company’s proposals in real time.



Create and phase projects easily for monitoring. Budget the amounts of work and resource the engineers for projects according to percentages or hours. Compare the planned and realised hours with the degree of completion for each project. Create your own KPIs for efficiency monitoring.



Invoice projects more quickly and accurately, whether it is a question of projects with a fixed price or invoicing based on expenses and working hours. Invoicing forecasts will help you prepare for the coming months.

Simple for the engineer

The goal of engineers and architects is to spend as many of their working hours as possible on invoiceable work. In Visma Severa, all engineers can create their own real-time dashboard with their own projects and the project management’s instructions on spending their working hours on various projects and tasks. Working hours can be quickly recorded from the same dashboard.


Real-time monitoring of projects

Project managers and top management can create reports and dashboards that they need on a daily basis. This ensures that all information about proposals, project portfolios, individual project schedules and profitability is always at hand.

Managers can react quickly to changes in resource workloads and the development of the invoicing forecast. The better overall view makes it simpler to manage the project-based business and easier to meet the agreed project schedules and profitability targets.

Examples of reports:

  • Total value of the company’s proposals and orders
  • Workload of ongoing projects by project and unit
  • Invoicing and turnover forecasts
  • Project statuses and realised amounts compared to budgeted amounts
  • Customer- and project-specific profitability

A single system for all projects

Manage short assignments and multiple-year projects in the same system. The project can be planned and resourced in the proposal phase. The plan can be based on earlier jobs and price lists.

  • Project phasing and Gantt chart
  • Project group selection and resource management
  • Project pricing (fixed prices and hourly rates by recording type)
  • Specifying KPIs for projects, such as planned square metres/invoicing
  • Entering the invoicing and turnover forecast
  • Automatic margin calculation (profitability, cost structure)


Be sure to invoice everything

In Visma Severa, you can review uninvoiced jobs in real time. The invoiced sums and scheduled payments are monitored starting from the project sales phase, and can be tied to the project completion schedule or agreed dates.

All scheduled payments, recorded hours, travel and other expenses will be invoiced automatically, if this has been specified in the system. Invoices can be quickly created by the project manager, for example. The invoices can be sent either on paper or electronically and then transferred to accounting.


“Severa has excellent scalability, whether the project involves one person or twenty people. You can create a customised dashboard for different users on which they can see the project progress in real time.”
Harri Salminen, Partner



“Visma Severa is a straightforward, easy-to-adopt system for daily use, but also offers extensive reporting features for business analysis and development.”
Tuomas Suur-Uski, Business Development Director
Green Building Partners



“Compatibility with the Netvisor financial management application provides the company with up-to-date information essential for the prediction of its operations and resources.”
Juha Kilpilahti, Architect
Arkkitehdit Q4



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