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“Sharing real-time information via Visma Severa is easy.”

Sanna Rautio, Executive Vice President, Nitro ID

From a proposal to an invoice – with a single tool

Visma Severa is currently being used by more than 150 Finnish advertising and media agencies.



Understand the development of invoicing and profitability of customer relationships. Allocate project sales to the most profitable services. Create projects quickly from a cost estimate.



Allocate skilled resources and distribute tasks efficiently. Allow for urgent requests by customers. Easily monitor the working hours spent and see what types and phases of work (for example, graphic design, copywriting and technical implementation) require the most development.



Invoice jobs more quickly and accurately, whether it is a question of projects with a fixed price or invoicing based on expenses and working hours. The monthly re-invoicing of CMS or other marketing tools can be done automatically.

Handy for employees

The visually-oriented and creative people at advertising agencies particularly appreciate simple usability and easy recording of working hours. On the other hand, the management, reporting and invoicing process of project-based business require that matters be recorded precisely.

Thanks to Visma Severa’s personal dashboards, graphical user interface and employee-specific reports, the system is quick to use and also gives each employee the chance to see the influence of his/her work for the company.


Real-time monitoring of operations

Account managers, project managers and top management can create reports and dashboards that they need on a daily basis. This ensures that the company can react to the development of sales, project schedules, resource utilisation rates and invoicing as quickly as possible.

The better overall view makes it easier to manage the company profitably. Real-time monitoring of the workload of resources and status of projects ensures improved reactions to customer needs. The projects are kept up-to-date, and customers can be promised realistic delivery times.

Examples of reports:

  • Customer- and project-specific profitability
  • Projects by business area, customer or project manager
  • Monitoring the tasks, total value of tenders and project statuses
  • Resource workload reports by competence area (for example, AD and copywriter)
  • Invoicing, turnover and sales margin reports


Manage small jobs quickly

One of Visma Severa’s strengths is the fact that small and non-urgent orders can be quickly added to Severa for monitoring and invoicing. Creating the job with the invoicing information and task distribution takes less than a minute.

The company’s available resources can be reviewed in the group calendar view at the daily and weekly levels, and jobs that have been ordered can be moved directly to periods when designers are available. If it is not yet known who will do the job, the task can be left unallocated. Unallocated tasks can be viewed by the project manager, who can allocate the task to an available designer, or employees can pick up tasks to their job lists themselves.


“The communications and guidance were great from the start, and during the trial, I received the necessary answers and solution models even for our slightly more unusual needs.”
Mici Virpiö, Project Manager
Planeetta 10 Oy



“Severa has played a key role in how we can complete our projects on schedule, stay on budget and finish the job profitably.”
Timo Salminen, Managing Director
Verkkojulkaisut Oy



“Customised reports are easy to create, and they show us quite simply how much sales have been generated for each number. The integration with financial management applications works really well.”
Robert Kullström, CEO
Freemium Media



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