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“Our invoicing improved by 10% thanks to more efficient monitoring of customer jobs and Visma Severa.”

Jari Kurronen, CEO, Tilikanava Oy

Clearer operations and improved invoicing rate

Visma Severa is currently supporting the efficiency of 60 Finnish accounting firms.
In addition, we are involved in co-operation with 400 accounting firm partners through our Netvisor partner programme.



Get a better overview of the profitability of your customer relationship and take the necessary actions based on facts. When you can easily find all information relating to the customer relationship, you can provide your customers with better service.



Ensure that the hours, work performed and expenses relating to customer jobs are recorded more quickly and accurately. Eliminate unnecessary idle time by means of job lists allocated to employees. Ensure that the workload is distributed evenly and all employees achieve their invoicing targets.



Invoice recurring monthly payments, working hours, expenses and work performed more easily. Take the invoicing materials to a financial management system, such as Visma Netvisor, automatically via the interface. This saves you time for work performed for customers.

A single system makes operations uncomplicated

Visma Severa compiles information regarding customer relationships, service production and invoicing in one place. This helps significantly eliminate idle time in searching for information and recording tasks.

  • Customer relationships and background information for service provision
  • Customer communications and information about work performed
  • Task distribution and scheduling in the calendar
  • Recording hours, expenses and work performed
  • Automated invoicing
  • Profitability and efficiency reports


Task management for accounting firms

Job control at accounting firms can be implemented with Visma Severa so that it best supports each company’s current operations model. In general, the task management at accounting firms can be best improved by the following means:

  • Employee-specific task lists (also recurring)
  • Showing tasks directly in the calendar
  • Allocating tasks to free calendar times
  • Unallocated tasks – job queues from which available employees can pick up tasks to their jobs lists

Individual specialists can clearly see their upcoming tasks and, at the same time, record their hours and services performed, even directly from their personal dashboard. This way, they have more time to concentrate on customer assignments.

Automation of monitoring and reporting

The correctness of the information can be best ensured when the working hours and work performed are recorded in the same system in which the tasks are managed. In addition, the invoicing rate and profitability of customers and the efficiency of providing the services can be monitored in real time. The efficiency figures may consist of the employee-specific invoicing rate or use of time in relation to the amount of work performed.

In Visma Severa, you can freely generate your own reports with the desired information and criteria. The reports are automatically updated on the basis of the recorded information and the invoicing, allowing for real-time monitoring.


Improved invoicing rate and invoicing circulation

Visma Severa automatically collects all the amounts to be invoiced, based on the price list specified. This ensures that everything will be invoiced as agreed.

The invoicing can be based on, for example:

  • Monthly fees for service packages or software use
  • Hours and expenses
  • Work performed (receipts, pay slips, exports)

“Severa is the bedrock of our invoicing, so it means everything to us. The system provides us with perfect time tracking and customer-specific reports relating to customer profitability, for example.”
Anneli Sorsa, Entrepreneur,



“Invoicing turned from Excel drudgery into the smooth printing of invoices. In other words, a nightmare turned into fun!”
Kennet Strand, Accountant,
Ab Strands Oy



“We are using Severa at the daily and monthly basis for predicting staff workloads, for example. Our staff have easily adopted the system. Severa has been really popular with us!”
Pentti Lahti, Managing Director,
Pohjanmaan Ekonomitoimisto



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