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CRM Sales Management

Visma Severa is a browser-based CRM software designed for the needs of project businesses.


CRM system that understands projects

Improve customer service and sales by collecting all information about customers in one place. The invoicing and profitability reports allow you to guide sales towards the most profitable services and projects.

Customer relationship management

With Visma Severa, you can find all information relating to the customers, such as contact persons, earlier projects, sales transactions and invoices, in one place. This saves time in looking for information, and the same information can be utilised in CRM, sales and invoicing.



The segmentation of customers, partners and prospects as well as contact and invoicing information can all be found in one place. The information can be imported from and exported to an Excel file.



Store all discussions with customers so that they are available to the key personnel. Schedule your phone calls, meetings and tasks in the calendar. Visma Severa can be synchronised with Exchange, Google and Office365 calendars.



Create price lists for services, products and hour-based invoicing and link them with the customer information. Save your agreements where you can easily find them. The possible storage locations include Visma Severa, Google Drive and M-Files.


Sales tracking and management

Since Visma Severa combines the CRM system with both project management and invoicing, the customer- and project-specific profitability can be monitored more accurately. This way, the sales resources can be allocated to services providing the highest margins. The system also makes the work of salespersons more efficient and facilitates sales tracking and management.

Sales activities
Monitor the number of phone calls, meetings and sales transactions and the development of these. The value of sales transactions, probability of deals and estimated order dates can be updated quickly.

Sales pipeline
Establish sales pipeline suitable for the company’s sales process. Real time
sales tracking can always viewed for example by a project manager or a salesperson.

Sales forecasts and management
Visma Severa helps to predict future sales and thus also assess the invoicing and human resource needs for the coming months.

Pricing and invoicing

In Visma Severa, projects and services can be priced in many ways. The Severa CRM is linked to project management and invoicing, so profitability, invoicing and workload information can be easily utilised in the pricing of upcoming projects.


Price lists
Create price lists for the projects and services to be sold. The price lists can be linked directly to the customer card, thus ensuring that the agreed pricing is followed in sales as a rule.

Various pricing options
The pricing of customer projects offered can be based on fixed prices, working hours, work performed or expenses or even combinations of these. All the information will be transferred correctly for invoicing without any manual input.

Automated invoicing
All the information needed for creating an invoice is located in one place in Severa. Automated invoicing makes invoicing quicker and more accurate.

Optional CRM functionalities

Tendering tool
Create ready-made tender templates with the Visma Severa tendering tool. Combine project phasing, the necessary resources and amounts of work as well as productised services in a format that is clear to the customer. The information in tenders can be automatically utilised in creating projects.

Advanced reporting and KPIs
Create your own key performance indicators (KPI) to monitor the success of sales and project management. Thanks to the advanced reporting features, you can, for example, assess the development of key customer accounts or the invoicing of a certain team on a monthly basis.

Calendar synchronisation
The Visma Severa calendar can be synchronised with other calendars used by the company (Exchange, Google and Office365).

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