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Automated invoicing software

Use Visma Severa to invoice working hours, expenses, products and recurring services.


Invoice projects more quickly and accurately

Visma Severa improves the company’s utilisation rate by ensuring that all projects are invoiced quickly and accurately.

Save time on invoicing

Visma Severa helps collect all the information needed for invoicing. This saves time that would be spent on compiling the hours, expenses and pricing criteria, which usually takes up too much time in professional services firms.



Visma Severa can be used to specify invoicing points for projects to which the agreed payments belong. An invoicing point can be specified in the calendar or tied to the completion of a phase.



All hours and expenses will be invoiced according to the invoicing rules specified during the creation of the project. The hourly rate can be flexibly determined in several different ways.



If the customer has recurring payments, such as maintenance or service fees, these can be easily created in the system. The recurrence can be specified in various ways.


Invoice more accurately

Visma Severa will remind you of projects to be invoiced. This reduces the risk of something being left uninvoiced. Thanks to the more efficient invoicing process, your customers will not receive incorrect invoices.

A more efficient invoicing process
We recommend that the responsibility for creating invoices be assigned to project managers, since they have the best knowledge of the customer agreement and project progress. The invoicing process can be defined on a company-specific basis.

Editable invoices
The invoice templates can be edited on a company-specific basis. Invoices can be sent in several different languages and currencies. Visma Severa also supports the invoicing of concerns, where the information relating to the invoices is defined on a company-specific basis.

Electronic invoicing
The invoices are ready to be sent by post, as e-mail attachments in the PDF format or as online invoices. By integrating Maventa into Severa, you can move the invoices to the sending service at the click of a button, and the customer will automatically receive a paper or online invoice.

Invoices for financial management

Visma Severa works together with the company’s current accounting or payroll software instead of trying to replace it. Thanks to this, Visma Severa is quick to implement and you do not need to give up your current accounting software or accounting firm.


More efficient co-operation
Visma Severa is compatible with a number of financial management applications, allowing for the electronic transfer of posted invoicing information to accounting and accounts receivable.

Click here for the available integrations.

Visma Netvisor
Are you also looking for a financial management system? We recommend Netvisor to customers who wish to move on to modern, automated financial management. The integration of Severa and Netvisor enables the uniformity of sales invoices and customer information, allocation of expenses to projects and transfer of hours and travel expenses to payroll.

User ID for the accountant
We recommend that the accountant and payroll clerk get their own user ID for Visma Severa. This way, an increasingly large part of the company’s reporting and information processing can be carried out electronically. Examples of such tasks are reporting hours and absences to payroll, processing sales invoices and management reporting. This also allows for the efficient distribution of work among the company’s internal and external accounting.

Optional functionalities for invoicing

Online invoices
Maventa makes it possible to send sales invoices to the customer either electronically or as paper invoices directly from Severa. Opening the service takes only 15 minutes.

Visma Netvisor
Visma Netvisor is a cloud service for financial management and payroll accounting that understands project-based business. The integration supports the transfer of customers, invoices, hours and project-related sales invoices between software applications.

Advanced pricing
With this add-on, you can easily manage price lists and their various versions and automate the effect of volume on pricing.

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